1. What Does Upsurveys Cost?

    Nothing to build a survey or to review your results from surveys taken! The only cost is the time to collect responses from survey participants – that’s it! While you have an account credited with time, you can collect responses from as many surveys as you like!

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  2. How Does Collection Time Get Charged?

    When you want to start collecting responses for a survey, your team account balance needs to have at least the amount of time for the period that you’d like to collect the responses. If you don’t already have time credited to your account, then you can easily purchase whatever amount of time you’d like. The clock doesn’t start ticking until you start collecting responses!

    Once a survey’s response period ends, it can’t be restarted. However, you can always extend the end date before it actually completes – as long as you have a sufficient balance left on your account for that extended time period.

    If your time runs out before you add more to your balance, then the next batch of time that you purchase will not start until start collecting responses again. However, any additional time that you purchase while the clock is ticking will continue to reduce your time balance.

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  3. Add a Team Member to Your Team

    If you’d like to share all of the same access privileges to build/edit surveys, create and monitor campaigns, and review reports of all survey data collected, then you can share your team with additional people.
    NOTE: ANY team member can start collecting responses which will make use of the team’s paid campaign time.

    To add a member, click on the “My Team” tab from the drop down MY TOOLS menu at the top of the page, and click on the ”Add A Team Member” button which will enable you to send an invitation for the new person to join your team.

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  4. Share a Survey

    How to Send the Link

    If you’d like to share a survey you created with someone, but don’t necessarily want them to become a member of your team, then you can provide them with a link that will allow them to easily create a duplicate of your survey in their own team account. This does not transfer any results associated with your survey – it merely provides a duplicate copy of the survey questions.

    To obtain the link to your survey, merely click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the survey edit page, and scroll to the bottom of the listing. Make sure you copy the entire link which you can then send to anyone via an email.

    How to Use the Link

    To use the survey link, you must first be logged onto an account. Once logged on, click on the link provided to you in the email. This will take you to your Create a Survey page where you’ll be given the opportunity of renaming the survey before you save it.

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  5. Add a YouTube Video to Your Survey

    First you need to select the YouTube video that you’d like to include in your survey. After clicking on the video of your choice, go up to the browser’s URL and copy the entire link to the video.

    After copying the link, all you have to do is select a “Question Text/Heading” option provided by the ”Create Question” button on the survey edit page to add to your survey. Merely paste your copied YouTube link in the YouTube Video box and click on “Save”. You can also add text to precede the video when creating the question or any time afterwards.

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  6. Skip From One Question to Another

    On any Multiple Choice (Single Response), you can indicate which question the survey should skip to after each response chosen.

    When you edit the question, you will see a checkbox to “Display skip logic rules (advanced)”. Once checked, it will provide you a drop down selection after each answer where you can select the next question that is to be displayed if that answer is selected when the survey is taken.

    NOTE: Since we do not prevent viewing of any skipped questions, it is highly recommended that this only be used to move from one page of questions to another page of questions. This will avoid the possible confusion if you only jump to another question on the same page, since all the prior questions that were skipped may still be accessed.

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