Terms of Use

The following is your agreement to the use of Upsurveys. This applies to both you and to any business or person using our services who may be acting on your behalf or in concert with your use of our services. Please note that Upsurveys may change the terms of this agreement at any time. Your continued use of the system’s services implies acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Agreement.

Cost of Service:

All features and functionality of Upsurveys are free! The only cost you incur is when you’re ready to collect responses to a survey via a campaign. At the time that you purchase a plan for any time period, this time does not begin until you start (or activate) a campaign. Once a campaign is activated, the time period purchased will continue until it has reached the maximum number of days purchased. You can run any number of campaigns during this time period.

Please note that you can set up a campaign, and any associated Insights reports you would like to analyze the data you will eventually be collecting, prior to activating the campaign.

Additional time can be purchased prior to the end of a previously purchased plan, or any time thereafter. However, there must be time available on your team for a campaign to continue to accept responses.

Costs will not be automatically incurred! You must choose to apply for a plan. You do NOT have to cancel any subscription plan to avoid any additional charges.

Sorry, but since the use of Upsurveys is purely voluntary and at your sole discretion, there are no refunds or credits once a plan has been purchased.

Survey/Response Content:

You agree that all information, images, or any data used to create, distribute, or to collect response content through any distribution channels are solely your responsibility. You further agree that all content will be law-abiding, and adhere to common decency and mutually respectful standards.

Upsurveys cannot guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the content provided or its accessibility.

Upsurveys reserves the right to purge any content or accounts that do not adhere to these terms without any liability for the loss of content.


Upsurveys services shall not be used to generate unsolicited or bulk email (SPAM), including, but not limited to, using the site’s services to distribute or disseminate any content in violation of US laws related to unsolicited commercial email messages.

Property Rights:

The Upsurveys website and software services, including all text, scripts, images, logos, and designs, are copyrighted 2013, with all rights reserved. With the exception of designated promotional materials, any replication, modification, or copy of any copyrighted material is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Upsurveys.

Rights to modify functionality, or to correct deficiencies:

Upsurveys reserves the right to modify, delete, or add any functionality to the software service at any time with or without prior notice.

Limitation of Liability:

Upsurveys services are provided “as-is”. Upsurveys specifically disclaims any warranty, express or implied, for fitness of use including the performance or delay or unavailability of the software services.

Upsurveys shall not be liable for any damages you or any other person may suffer arising out of the use of the offered services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that in no event will Upsurveys be liable to you or any other person for any direct, incidental, punitive, or other consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits and damages related to corruption or deletion of your data arising out of or in relation to this agreement or your use or inability to use the Upsurveys service, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, even if Upsurveys has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

That’s it! If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact us at [email protected].

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